J. de geus landmeter te Gorinchem

col. no.: 150
A portrait of a man, watercolour on paper, oval, ca 105 x 80 mm.
Written on the back: J(acob) de Geus, in leven landmeter 1e klasse, etc. dated 1804
€ 295,00


Please feel free to come by to view this portrait miniature.

Description When one is lucky, a portrait tells somehow who the sitter is like in this case. We found out that that was Jacob de Geus, born in Werkendam, 29-02-1784 son of Jacob de Geus and Dirkje Piek He married Aagje van Houwelinge, died 17 July 1833, old 48 years. He lived in Gorinchem as a surveyor first class.