About Rosalba

For 50 years Kees Rodenburg worked as a general antiquedealer in the Dutch cities of Rotterdam and Dordrecht. Nowadays he is dedicating his time to his greatest passion : portrait miniatures from the 17th and 18th century. The name Rosalba is chosen to honour Rosalba Carriera, the prominent and excellent Venetian Rococo painter, and the first person to use ivory for the purpose of painting portrait miniatures. She is still considered to be one of the most successful women artists in het field.

Kees Rodenburg has been collecting portrait miniatures since childhood. It is the first thing he looks for when he "goes out hunting". He makes sure that the period is correct, the condition is good and that it is a pleasant, captivating portrait done by a skilled painter.

He manages to keep his prices at a very reasonable level by carrying out any required restoration himself and by replacing incorrect, modern frames with appropriate authentic ones from his own extensive stock. Furthermore, he does as much research as possible into the portrait’s maker and the person depicted.

When a portrait leaves his home, it is clean, neat and attractive!